Sacred Heart Youth Ministry

  • Lent Treasure Hunt

    A small Cross has been hidden on the property of one of the churches in the county. The first to find the Cross will win $35 in gift cards. A hint will be posted here every week.

    Hint #1: It is not in plain sight; though it may catch a cold.

    Hint #2: The rains won't wash the cross away, but it may have come close!

    Hint #3: The abbot saint of the church where the cross is hidden would be proud of the monks who made this cross.

    Hint #4: All the rain we had may have washed away the itsy-bitsy spider, but not the cross!

    Treasure Hunt Details

  • Steubenville Live

    Even though we are unable to attend the Steubenville Youth Conference in person, there is a live interactive event scheduled for July 17-19. If you are interested in joining please follow this link to find out more and register.

  • ChurchPOP