At Home Religious Ed

  • Effective 11/18/2020

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  • Remote Religious Education

    Parents: Please complete this consent form for virtual meetings for your children who will attend RE zoom/google meets. 
    St. Malachy Virtual Meeting Permission Form

    All virtual meetings will follow the guidelines put forth by the Diocese of Sioux City.
    Sioux City Diocese Virtual Meeting Guidelines


    6:45-7:15 PM, classes may meet via zoom, check email from Catechists

  • Epiphany: January 6

    Ephiphany is January 6 but celebrated on Sunday, January 3 in the US. This marks the 12th day of Christmas and the "end" to the Christmas season. 

    Bless your home with the traditional Epiphany blessing "20 C M B 21" for the year 2021 and the wisemen Capsar, Melchoir, & Balthasar, or the Latin prhase "Cristus Mansionem Benedicat," or "Christ Bless Our Home." 

  • Candlemas: February 2