A Family of Faith (K-5th Grade)

  • We are offering a new program this year for all 
    for all K-5th grade students and their families!

    This whole family program replaces weekly Religious Education Classes for K-5th grade. (2nd graders will have an additional in-person sacrament preparation class.)

    Each month consists of:

    1. Parent Zoom Meeting - 1st Sunday of each Month at 7pm (Meetings are recorded and posted on the right.)

    2. At-Home Lessons - Complete lessons of your choice at home as a family.

    3. Monthly Community Meeting - Family small groups will meet for a monthly activity related to that month's lessons. See calendar for your group's meeting times.
    (At-Home Learners will not participate in this meeting.)

    Watch this video to learn more about the program!
    A Family of Faith Overview
  • November Overview

    Saint of the Month: St. Leo the Great
    Your Catholic Home: The Jesus Prayer
    Memorize: "For God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)
    Mary's Story of the Month: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Chapel Tour Video)
    November Lesson Guide

  • Monthly Parent Meeting Recordings

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